Jumat, 06 Mei 2011

dream the real indonesian....culture and ideology

               indonesia..long long years a go,indonesian people very very kind people, indonesian not as a exclusivelly people, the open minded, friendly people, they do not separate people because of religion...all people must be mutually life together,cooperation and keeping the peace among other.they only seek the right for all not as a deliguency mind..or.stone head.
               why now all indonesian people like getting brain wars from program like NII..Negara Islam Indonesia..like the story very popular now in television...they live with harmonious of life ..balancing mind, body and soul...they thing simple.not so very complicate but also nothing with religion tendencies or politik...all only with sepi ing pamrih....litle motive for him self..but just for the right. just to close  to the god. so it very very intelligent that our anchestry...using 5 principle Pancasila and UUD 45 as a source of ideology indonesia...not others.

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